Sober Time

Sober Time 1.0.0

Stop drinking and smoking


  • Easy to use
  • Calculates time you've been sober


  • Limited to one function
  • Basic interface

Not bad

Going cold turkey? Sober Time will tell you how many days and hours you haven't touched the bottle or taken a smoke. The application doesn't require much from you, just enter the date at which you have decided to gone sober.

Apart from that function there's not really anything else that Sober Time can do for you. The program can tell you how long you've been sober but ultimately you're the only one responsible of whether you drink or not.

Resist the urge my giving yourself your own positive feedback. Remond yourself how far you have come with just a simple glance. A great way to keep your motivation level high and resist the tempations of smoking and drinking.

Sober Time


Sober Time 1.0.0

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